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Strategies to Keep Going in Writing

Learn strategies to help scaffold your writing practice

Start and Slowly Build

Developing any line of argument to weave through your story is always tricky and challenging. Take small steps at first and build a strong foundation for your story arc.

Start Somewhere

Sometimes you don't know where to start. Don't worry it is ok to start anywhere. The beginning of your book is critical, but most writers don't write the beginning until the end anyway. Often you don't know how to start until you get to the end. So, get going, start anywhere.

Know Your Audience

It is your job to help the reader navigate your work and there are lots of techniques that can help you with this. Signposting (preparing the reader for a change in the direction of your argument), topic sentences (showing the relationship of the paragraph to your central argument and outlining what to expect in the following paragraph), and the given-before-new principle (where the writer expresses known information before any previously unknown related information in their writing).

These techniques are neither the first thing a writer needs to address, nor are they the last. They are proven strategies to help you present an argument with a logical flow that gives guidance to the reader.

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Dr. Michelle Salmona is the author of "Qualitative Research Writing: Trustworthy and Credible Writing from Beginning to End"

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