Software & Digital Tools

Below are suggestions for digital tools to assist with qualitative and mixed methods research

DE-ID logo of shield and lock
De-ID Data Anonymization Technology

De-ID assists researchers in de-identifying and anonymizing qualitative data to ensure participant anonymity. In addition to flagging all HIPAA safe harbor identifiers, De-ID highlights potentially identifying variables that, in combination with other details, might re-identify individuals.

De-ID is anticipated to be available for organizational access in 2024. Please select "Learn More" to be placed on our first-access list.

Screenshot of the Dedoose software interface inset a laptop
Why we use it:
  • Analyze qualitative and mixed methods data in real time with other collaborators
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Tools to bridge data analysis and writing
  • Access our data from any computer
Screenshot of the Scrivener software interface
Why we use it:
  • Multiple ways to organize thoughts and information
  • Caters to all writing styles
  • Set writing goals and keep track of progress
  • Various tools designed for writers (corkboard, notes, revision mode, etc.)
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