Dedoose 101 Series

Dedoose 101: Beginning your Analysis is ideal for researchers or professionals who are new to Dedoose or those who want to build on their Dedoose skills.

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Dedoose 101: Beginning Your Analysis

Dedoose 101: Beginning Your Analysis is a 4-week course that introduces researchers to Dedoose and guides them in how to use Dedoose in their research. In addition to the Dedoose free trial, all participants will receive 2 free months of Dedoose access upon enrollment.

This blended course includes synchronous and asynchronous components. Participants will attend a combination of live Zoom sessions and will complete independent online learning activities with accompanying resources. Key topics include:

• Data preparation and management
• Project creation and data import
• Coding and excerpting
• Codebook management
• Data analysis and visualization tools

This course is intended for researchers at any stage of their career who are interested in harnessing Dedoose for their qualitative and mixed methods analysis. No prior Dedoose experience is required. For those who have prior experience with Dedoose and want support with an active project, see the Bring Your Own Data Research Camp.  

Synchronous sessions for the May 2024 cohort are May 15th and May 22nd from 12pm-2pm US Eastern Standard Time / 6pm - 8pm Central European Time.

Course Designed and Delivered by: Dr. Michelle Salmona, Dr. Christina Silver, & Dr. Sara E. Grummert

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