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Tips & Strategies

Helping You to Start Writing

Learn tips for breaking through writer's block


Explore the problem you are investigating, not the topic and make a plan for your writing

Identify your audience
  • Who will be reading your work?
  • What is the purpose of your writing?
  • How can vou achieve this purpose?
  • Where are you in this writing?
  • Make a plan for your writing


Generate ideas through brainstorming

  • Keep writing
  • Be gentle with yourself as you write
Try not to censor your writing at this point
  • Always keep returning to the problem
  • Think about your reader. What do they need to know? What questions might they ask?
  • Will all your readers be the same?


Keep asking yourself questions

  • How? So what? Why does this work matter?
  • Who? What? Where? When? Why?
  • Define important terms and ideas.
  • What is the meaning or nature of the issue?
  • Explore relationships and connections in your writing.
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Dr. Michelle Salmona is the author of "Qualitative Research Writing: Trustworthy and Credible Writing from Beginning to End"

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