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Survey Data and Dedoose

Join scholars Dr. Salmona and Dr. Grummert from the Institute for Mixed Methods Research to learn how to best use Dedoose's "Survey Import" tool. The “survey import” tool instantaneously links qualitative and quantitative data, enabling relational and comparative analyses between various types of data.

Best Practices for Coding in Teams in Qualitative & Mixed-Methods Projects

Researchers are increasingly adopting the use of data analysis software and data applications for qualitative and mixed methods studies. This webinar will discuss barriers to successful adoption of technology that are encountered and explore the learning experiences of individuals and teams as they use qualitative data analysis.

Using Dedoose to Enhance Collaborative Research

The two-part interactive series will guide researchers through how to use Dedoose in their research. The workshops combine discussion of the theoretical foundations of qualitative data analysis while incorporating a technical understanding of Dedoose's features and functions.

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